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2018 Annual Report

Notice of Annual General Meeting

Members are advised that the 119th Annual General Meeting of the Johnsonville Rugby Football Club was held on Wednesday 28 November 2018 at 7pm at the Johnsonville Rugby Football Club Clubrooms, Helston Park, Johnsonville.

The full 2018 Annual Report is available below.

2018 Annual Report

Johnsonville Rugby Football Club - Notice of Annual General Meeting

Members are advised that the 119th Annual General Meeting of the Johnsonville Rugby Football Club will be held on Wednesday 28 November 2018 at 7pm at the Johnsonville Rugby Football Club Clubrooms, Helston Park, Johnsonville.


  • President’s Welcome

  • Apologies

  • Minutes of 118th Annual General Meeting on 22 November 2017

  • Reports of the Committee

  • President

  • Chairman

  • Club Captain

  • Rugby (including team reports)

  • Membership

  • Junior’s

  • Grants

  • Business & Sponsorship

  • Media

  • Health & Safety

  • Social

  • Receive and adopt the Financial Statements of the Club for the year ended 30 September 2018

  • Business for which due notice has been given

  • Membership Deaths

  • Life Membership

  • Alex Moore Park Proposal

  • Election of Officers of the Executive Committee

  • Subscriptions

  • General Business

Minutes of the 118th Annual General Meeting of the Johnsonville Rugby Football Club – 22 November 2017

Meeting closed 7.45pm

Membership Attendance at Annual General Meeting held 22 November 2017:

  • Cherie Collins

  • Dave Walmsley

  • Colin Davidson

  • Brent Cutting

  • Garry Cutting

  • Mike Segetin

  • Wayne Firmin

  • Phil Moreton

  • Blair Hannah

  • Wayne Armstrong

  • Mike Langley

  • Peter Timperley

  • Karen Timperley

  • Perry Barber

  • Kevin Hare

  • Dane Robertson

  • Thea Meredith

  • Lauren Hannah

  • Garry Maude

  • Mike Robinson

  • Jason Anquetil

  • Wally Smith

  • Graeme Williams

  • Steve Ellis

  • Jo Smythe

  • Hiko Davies

  • Steve Moffatt

  • Sandra Mabey

  • Barry Ellis

  • Colin Davidson

  • Brent Cutting

  • Deb Dornbusch

  • Rachael Ikurere

  • Wayne Smythe

  • Murray Usmar

  • Lloyd Hassed

  • Dave Mullane

  • Murray Usmar

  • Kerry Walsh

  • Olivia Woud.

President’s Report

The Club had a really good season overall with the Premier Reserves winning their grade along with the Cripples. Under 85’s were runners up after losing to Wellington in two periods of extra time. Premiers made the semi-finals in the Hardham Cup. Colts came 6th but should have reached the semi-finals and Pressies carried on as usual. Thanks to all the Coaches, Managers supporters for their help and dedication this year.

Andrew Wharakura has been appointed Premier Coach for the next season. Andrew has supported the Club for several years and is also Coach of the Wellington Maori team.

Many thanks again to the high level of sponsorship we achieved this year. Thank you sponsors. Without this we would have struggled to provide the facilities required to support the club and players. Player costs have again risen due the high level of assistance required at especially at the senior level to both keep players on the field and overcome injuries, Physiotherapists provided great support with this. Thanks again to Blair and Wally for managing this process and getting the sponsors funds needed for the club.

We also have installed new LED lights for Helston Park which will add greatly to the night training facilities. They are 100% better than the previous ones. These cost $11,000 greatly assisted by a grant. Consideration needs to be given to our neighbours around the ground due to the brightness of the new lights and any issues they may raise.

The bar operated profitably again this year adding to club funds. Many thanks to Mike and his team. This provides a valuable income source to us.

Our grants from the various trusts were on par to last year with funds again proving very difficult to come by from all sources. Again, many thanks to Wayne for his ongoing commitment to this and also to all the trusts that make this possible.

Blair Hannah has also contributed greatly by overseeing financial management for the Club together with public relations, media and health and safety regulations.

We sadly say goodbye to our hardworking Chairman Kerry Walsh who has made an outstanding contribution to the club in his role assisted by Wayne Firmin as Vice Chairman.

Perry Barber our Club Captain has also been outstanding in his dedication and commitment to the club. This is a time consuming and sometimes thankless role.

Also, various sub committees met regularly throughout the year as well as the main committee meeting monthly to keep the club running and on the right track. A lot of people have put a lot of work into these committees to ensure the ongoing viability of the club. The ever-reliable Sue as treasurer and Cherie who both also valuably assist in the kitchen. Again, thank you to all.

The upgrade to the toilet facilities upstairs has added to our overall appearance and improvements to the green room downstairs are currently ongoing. The new Committee will also need to look at ways of improving the downstairs changing rooms.

Recruitment of players is ongoing, and we need to be committed to this for the wellbeing of the club. Not only next season but for the future.

Blair Hannah our club representative is involved with ongoing discussions with the Alex Moore Park issue and Blair will talk more about this at the AGM.

Thanks to you all for your ongoing support to the club to ensure its ongoing success. Please also consider standing for the Committee as we need assistance at all levels. The more people we have on the Committee or even sub committees the better as I seem to be thanking the same people as last year.

It has been my pleasure to serve you all as President again this year. Next year is promising to be even better and we look forward to a great and successful season.

Phil Moreton


Chairman’s Report

A tough year for the JRFC this year highlighted by the achievements on the field at the business end of the season and to the commitment of the players, coaches and members who all dug in when the going got tough.

Premier reserves and the Cripples winning on the same day with the 85’s coming a heart- breaking second the week after, what great achievement.

It’s always difficult to differentiate winning teams but from where we were mid-season the efforts of the Premier reserve team were herculean! I had a tear in my eye I was so proud of this team at Petone when they won. Huge effort by Joe Gates, Bob Selkirk and Andrew Wharakura, to coach this team to victory. Sophie Gates you are amazing, you pushed hard for your boys and kept them honest making sure you had everything just so! An absolute pleasure to have worked alongside you. Big thanks to all the boys who stayed with it and to those who returned to help, you never lost the faith and stayed true to the cause. True blue boys.

The Cripples of course, as we have come to expect, were fantastic once again. They had a huge task in the final taking on their old foe “Poneke Ruff Nuts”. What a battle to have come out victorious and to do the Club proud. Well done Whale and Turbo and the CEO Noff.

Unlucky is all you can say really with the mighty 85’s being pipped at the post by a technical decision. Second is a bitter pill to swallow after such a titanic battle. Good work by Andrew, Yianni and Andrew Mitchell, with Rod and Roko keeping the boys in line.

The Colts started this season off with a hiss and a roar and I thought we were going to see big things from this side. Unfortunately, they faded mid-season which was a huge surprise to me as this side is loaded with talent. I look forward to watching them progress next year. Good to see Brent back with the Colts and Hiko and Perry once again working hard.

The Pressies won all their games this year with great margins, according to CD!!

Unfortunately, I can find no record of this fantastic achievement, so it will have to stay a secret. Well done to CD and Peter Puckles, and to Trina Miller who kept this team together all year what a fantastic job she has done!

The Premiers had a very poor start to the season for various reasons but redeemed themselves somewhat in the Hardham Cup. We will need to be fitter if we are to achieve the goals, we so dearly desire. Thanks to Logan, Kane, Esava and Alfred. To Logan’s family who were always there to help out, Nicquita, Shakayia and wife Fiona. To Hendo and Craig, the best water boys you could hope for. To Blair Mockett who videoed all our games, your commitment was just fantastic mate and much appreciated.

To our hard-working Committee who made this year so much easier. Mike whose experience was always good to call on and who ran the bar superbly. Turbo and Morty who ran the BBQ

with Keith, Joe Gates who sorted the college rugby. Wayne Armstrong and Blair Hannah both whose work load and attention to detail is superb. Also, Amy, Kylee, Olivia, Susan and Cherie whose food was once again the envy of all the clubs. Jo Smythe as our union representative, Murray Usmar looking after our registrations. Secretary Amy keeping record straight.

All our volunteers who work so hard throughout year. Gary Cutting, Leslie Segetin, Dave Walmsley, Colin Davidson, Jane Werry, Avalon Moffat, Aimee and Ash, Lorraine, Keith, Rabbit, Te Aro Physio, and Thea Meredith.

To Susan Poutoa, Delwyn Walker, Lauren Hannah and Susan Atkins. Wow!! Your effort this year with the social committee and Old Timers’ day and of course Eamonn’s fundraiser was nothing short of magnificent! You took the bull by the horns, the attention to detail was superb and of course the results were huge. It has been a pleasure working with you all and the Club is lucky to have you all.

I leave the Committee this year confident the Club is in great hands and I look forward to watching the Club grow and succeed over the coming years.

Kerry Walsh


Kerry Walsh receives our trophy from Ross Bond for winning the Club Community Award. A great achievement for the Club typifying our fight from where we were mid-season.

Club Captain’s Report

The season started with a lot of promise, we had a lot in place all our gear was sorted except the Premier’s playing jerseys.

At the first gala game, the training tops were handed out which was not the best idea in hindsight as there were guys that got tops and were not seen again and some went on to different teams.

This was a learning curve and will be addressed next year making sure we are better prepared off the field.

We have started even earlier for the 2018-19 year and we should be far better organized with everything off the field I believe and expect we will learn from past season.

The Club had a good season with loads of ups and downs yet most teams getting good results, we have been working hard to make sure we are ahead of the ball game starting as soon as the season finished. Old Timers day was a great day and I have enjoyed all the support and help throughout the season. I must thank everyone (too many to name) that have helped, all our sponsors and committee members.

Logan Tauilii has moved on this year and we have a new look head coach being Andrew Wharakura and it is great to see local members stepping up and from what I have heard local players coming back.

Thank you everyone.

Perry Barber

Club Captain

Rugby Report

Team reports:


After a very good end to 2017 for the Premier’s the expectation was to carry on and improve our performances into 2018. History will tell us all that we fell well below those goals.

We had a complex coaching set up whereby we had co coaches and although they got on, we found that the players were getting mixed messages and the team work and culture of the team suffered consequently. This was rectified later in the season to some success.

Our preseason form was promising and a very successful trip to Taranaki had us fooled into thinking we were well enough prepared. We did however suffer some serious injuries on the trip which hindered our preparation immensely. The rest of the round is history.

Hardham Cup and the team were in a much better place to attack this round. Starting with a great win at Maidstone and two further wins at home gave us a fantastic start to the round, but losses to Wellington in the mud and a close encounter with Wainui took a little bit of the shine off it. We did however qualify for the semi-final and another close loss to Wainui, completed the playing season.

An interesting fact about this team is they scored score 53 tries this year.

Thanks to all who working tirelessly with this side through the year. Logan, Kane, Esava and Alfred who coached the side with passion. Nicquita and Shakayia who kept all the stats for us. To Logan’s wife Fiona who was always there in support and only too happy to help when the cooking was to be done. Turbo, Morty and Keith for manning the BBQ.

Unfortunately, Dane Robertson suffered a bad concussion and had to retire from his managerial duties, but he was responsible for the early preseason form and did an admiral job. Fortunately, we had the twins take over his responsibilities, Hendo and Craig who were fantastic all year. I think they may now be flatting together! To Blair Hannah who also filled in as required. Te Aro physio who kept the team on the park did a fantastic job.

A special mention to Blair Mockett who goes about his job of videoing all the games. He works away without any want of recognition and we are very grateful for his work. Cheers Blair.

I would also like to remember Gary Archer our ex-Premier coach who sadly passed away in October. His sage advice on the side-line this year was much appreciated! He will be sadly missed at the Hawks RIP Gazza.

Kerry Walsh

Our pre-season trip to Spotswood Rugby & Sports Club. Some photo with Mt Taranaki in the background.

Premier Reserves:

Having come back to the team after a challenging previous year, I knew there were going to be some barriers & challenges. However, we started the season off with a rip and roar, huge numbers and dedication.

Our first game result was the eye opener that made the realisation that as players and a team, we had it in us to get on the score board and possibly win some games, definitely a task we struggled with in the last few previous years. This hope and promise (despite the fact we never had a dedicated Coach), continued up until the full rugby season started for all teams. This resulted in players going back to play for their perspective team and us scrambling to try figure out who was in our team. A couple games later, with an average of 11 players showing, we quickly realised we were in a dire situation.

A meeting was called, the Club rallied together, previous club players were contacted, and we were back!

Now we had dedicated players, Management, Coaches & a whole list of helpers. We were back but with a new team morale, personalities & commitment. As a Manager and for Joe and Bob as the Coach we had to adjust to the needs, wants and requirements of the team to ensure they could take the field weekly and feel happy about doing so. We learnt quickly how important it was for the team to be highly involved in the coaching and managing aspects of the team so adjusted to ensure we kept them in the loop, to ensure their feedback was valued and utilised their knowledge and encouraged their involvement.

Before long, as a team we set some very achievable expectations and goals which we were able to tick off one by one. Obviously, these goals included making the semi-finals, making the finals and winning the competition - we knew we had the team to do it.

However, it didn't come easy, there were some high and low games, Wellington Axemen being a low point when we only turned up with the bare minimum, a horrible wet day, injuries were rife, and we went down. The next week wasn't much better so we found ourselves in a situation whereby we had to fight to be considered for the finals.

So, finals day comes along - the team atmosphere is just where we want it to be; you can feel the brotherhood and know that whatever was to happen they had each other’s back. The prep time for the boys is intense, heavily weighing on their minds is the chance to make history, the chance to actually win! - not just the game but the whole comp. We're up against Petone who have won every game this season, except any game they played against us but considering they had also won against teams we lost too - we knew we had our work cut out.

Full time was meant to come as a blessing but instead it brought with it only anxiety and disappointment as the score was drawn, the guys had played their guts out, they were tired and we going to be playing another 20 minutes! So first 10 min of overtime, still drawn, anxiety at this point is out the roof. In the second half of overtime, a kick to us, putting us 3 points ahead, only eased the anxiety slightly as it was still anyone’s game. We waited and waited, on the edge of our seats for that final whistle. Once blown you just had to be there and be a part of it to understand and feel the heartfelt pride & joy, not only for us as a team but a club.

Our HD Morgan Memorial winning Premier Reserve side. Well done boys.

A thanks must be given to the Club for the provision of a bus - this played a huge part in keeping this team together as brothers before the game and even more so after.

The biggest thanks, obviously must go to the players - without them, we have nothing, we don't even have a club. So biggest thanks to all the players, those who came and went, those who joined us later and those who were there from the start.

A mention of sincere thanks must go to Joseph and Bob, they formed a great Coaching team, encouraged each other, saw potential in the team and their constant encouragement in the players played a huge part in keeping this team together.

A special thanks needs to go to all those who were either involved from the start or came in to assist later in the season. Their involvement really showed the guys just how important they really were; Perry, Andrew, Hiko, Dane, Kerry, Physio staff especially Lauren, and the whole Committee thank you for the ongoing support.

Sophie Gates

Manager, Premier Reserves


Cripples had a good season although losing 3 games finishing 3rd in the 1st round, however, getting back on track winning 2nd round against our old foes the Ruff Nutts. Our record over the last couple of years is 30 games with 27 wins a few retirements at the end of the season including Turbo one of our coaches so we expect to see some new faces next year in our 35th season. A big thanks to our sponsors Newlands Arms, Super Loans, ABT, Compton Civil, PBC and Cobra Drain Cleaners.

Richard Eckhoff (‘Noff’)

CEO of Cripples

Our Paul Donoghue Memorial Cup winning Cripple’s win 3 in 4 years!

85’s – T-Hawk’s:

We didn’t know if we were going to field a team this year but with Poneke pulling out, we got 3 local players over, plus 2 players from Wainui and then we were away. 5 players from the outside clubs are now a part of the J’ville family and we thank them for wearing the blue jersey.

Wouldn’t it have been great if we won the 3rd trophy for the club but losing to the Wellington Axeman as a result of a draw and try count back was pretty gut wrenching but really proud of the boys and management staff.

The team started in the JC Bowl, this year all 85’s clubs played each other and then spilt into top 6 and bottom 6. Previous years it was determined after 3 grading games on seeding but hats off to the Union for letting each team play one another before the split. The T-hawks competed in JC Bowl but couldn’t win the close games, and only winning 3 games the spirits were low, but these guys just want to play code and enjoy each other’s company afterwards.

We sat down knowing we were playing in Div 2 and set a goal to make the finals. T Hawks blitzed through the round robin and then beat Wests in the Semi Final (who beat us in round one) so was nice to win the battle of the bridge. As mentioned above, the game against the Axeman was gut wrenching as we had so many opportunities to close it out but never did. I believe the Union need to look at the player availability as dropping Premiers down to 85 Div 2 (even though they didn’t start 3 games) is too much of a drop and with the Axeman key player at 10, was the difference.

I’d like to thank all the boys for the efforts this year and hopefully we see them running out next year. Special mention to Yianni Hilder, Mitch, Roko and Rod Sharpe for keeping the team rolling in my absence.


Numbers started out well this year as we did a lot of preseason recruiting , yet as the season progressed we found the same drop off as in other years with players having work - going out the night before or just not giving a reason.

We came close to only having 14 at the start of a game yet somehow managed to get through with guys turning up a little late, we had a good core of players that when they all turned up we could field a very competitive team.

The trainings were not great at the start we had 10 - 15 guys yet towards the end 8 - 10 we changed to one night a week near the start (after a players meeting which they made the call) yet did not help that much.

Not all doom and gloom the core of the players had a good season and we have retained as many of age as we could with a good number of new lads showing interest. we finished 5th this season yet could have taken the second div out and at least made the finial. The lads helped the prem reserves a lot as well and there was four or so in the final game for prem reserves which tells you the standard of players that we had yet without training properly that is what happens.

Perry Barber


The year started with both Newlands and Onslow College struggling for players.

Both colleges had to work together and share players to field teams. Onslow College fielded a combined 1st 15, U65 & U55 team whereby Newlands fielded a combined U15 team. All four teams had great player turnouts to both training and games with a lot of talent across all teams. Under 15 & 65 played finals rugby in their divisions and 1st 15 players were selected for representative rugby.

It was great to see the both colleges being able to work together along with the players having a great connection with their coaches and managers.

The work put in from both college sport rugby co-ordinators as well as the rugby committees, coaches, managers had a huge impact in keeping rugby going in our colleges.

Other programmes introduced throughout the year:

  • Sevens programme for both boys and girls

  • Combined team against Santiago College & Horowhenua Kapiti Team whereby food & drinks was provided on behalf of the snr club.

Senior club initiative/s:

At the start of the year the main goal for the senior club was to build a stronger relationship & connection with both colleges as a preventative to the already demising rugby player numbers.

Initiative introduced:

  • Entered two college touch teams in the Helston touch competition;

  • U15’s use greenroom where possible for trainings;

  • Home game at Helston with college/parents using club facilities for aftermath function;

  • End of year prizegiving for both colleges to be held together;

We had a rep from Newlands (Myself) & Onslow (Mone) join the rugby committee as a representation of the colleges.

Highlight and success of the year in building this relationship would have to be the prize giving. Held at the Johnsonville Rugby club in Sept the event was a success with parents commenting on how great it was to have a prizegiving personally for rugby. Thanks to our sponsor, One Stop Super Shop in Newlands. And thanks to the club for the great supper provided.

2019 Programmes include:

  • Onslow College 1st 15 off season training on Monday mornings;

  • College player participation at Snr club off season trainings; and

  • Newlands College touch team involved in Thursday night touch.

2019 College Rugby Goals

  • Snr players attend college trainings & games;

  • More college home games at Helston – possible curtain raisers;

  • Snr college players attend colts’ trainings;

  • Better integration from Jnr/Intermediate to College & College to Snr club – through connection with all rugby committees;

  • Keep building on past years initiatives – prizegiving, sevens, utilising greenroom, off season & pre-season trainings, invite parents to club events.

I personally would like to give thanks to:

Senior Club, Sports Co-ordinators (Graham & Regan), Rugby Co-ordinators (Alex & Martin), Newlands & Onslow College Rugby Committees, all the Coaches & Managers, Hiko & College Sports & all those involved in the College Prizegiving.

Joe Gates


CDO Report:

Rugby Coaching and Development

The Coaching Development Officer (CDO) continues to facilitate and provide up-skilling and support for coaches, players and managers from junior and senior club, primary, intermediate and college levels. These upskilling sessions deal with ongoing changes to the rugby laws and requirements particularly around tackle and collision areas. It is crucial that coaches attend these courses.

The interesting thing about coaching is that you have to trouble the comfortable, and comfort the troubled

– Ric Charlesworth, Australian Hockey

NZR Foundation Course

The Foundation Course is a four-hour entry-level course for new coaches from U13 to senior level. It includes content delivery, game knowledge (principles of play), teaching a skill and planning a session. Two of the coaches from Onslow College attended the course was run for the Western Bays on 14 May at Norths RC. This course completion is a pre-entry requirement for DRC.

Coaches have to watch for what they don’t want to see and listen to what they don’t want to hear

– John Madden, American Football

Rugby Smart

Rugby Smart is a compulsory course available to coaches and managers from college grade through to senior club and representative teams. Rugby Smart was developed jointly by the New Zealand Rugby Union and ACC and is about keeping players safe on and off the field.

A total of four Rugby Smart courses were delivered by the CDO this season. Two for the club senior coaches and a further two for the Newlands and Onslow College coaches.

All coaches from JRFC and Newlands & Onslow Colleges completed the course.

Small Blacks

The Small Blacks course is compulsory for all junior coaches. The CDO delivered the required number of five courses for junior coaches (Under 6 to Under 13).

Front Row Factory modules were also delivered to the U11-13 Coaches at the start of the competition with follow up checkpoints with the players throughout the season.

The Tackle Box courses cover technical skill and safe technique around the tackle and were run with the two Johnsonville Under 8 first year tackle teams. Refresher courses were delivered to Johnsonville Under 9s, Under 11s, Under 12s, Under 13s. Additional Tackle Box courses were held in August for both Newlands U7s teams. This served as a prelude towards their first-year tackle in 2019.

Far more coaches fail to achieve success because they lack ability to develop team culture rather than because they lack good direction or knowledge of the game

–Vince Lombardi

Front Row Factory

Modules were delivered to the Johnsonville U12-13 players and coaches that covered technical skill and safe technique around the scrum. There were regular checkpoints held with the players throughout the season with coaching support from some of the Premier 1 front rowers. Further sessions were run for the Newlands U15 and Onslow College teams.

Coaching Development in Club

Junior Grade: The CDO delivered a four-week pre-season fitness & skills training block for all U7s Rippa and U8-13 tackle grades prior to the start of the junior season. Carlton Simanu - Johnsonville U12s and Kris Love - St Pats Town U15s coaches assisted throughout the four weeks. This was followed up with ongoing technical advice and support throughout the season to both Johnsonville and Newlands junior coaches and players.

Senior Grade:

The CDO assisted with pre-season fitness training and provided ongoing technical advice and support to coaches and players of Premier 1, Premier 2, U85s and Colts grades throughout the season. The CDO assisted with coaching and managing the Johnsonville 7’s team leading up to and throughout the WRFU Ambassadors 7s Series and the Piri Weepu 7s.

Good teams become great ones when the members trust each other enough to surrender the ‘me’ for the ‘we’

– Phil Jackson, Basketball

Coaching Development in Schools

The CDO worked with schools in the Johnsonville and Newlands catchment area. The in- schools coaching, and recruitment programme included rippa rugby in local primary schools. The CDO targeted new schools like Amesbury Primary school to prepare teams for tackle and 7s tournaments for year 7’s and 8’s at both Newlands and Raroa Intermediate schools.

Assistance was also provided to both coaches and players of all grades at Newlands and Onslow Colleges throughout the season.

Recruitment Initiative

The Johnsonville Village Team programme includes students that live locally. These include students at Onslow, Newlands and other colleges. This is a two-week development programme that includes upskilling sessions and goal setting with the CDO and Mo Mackay. The main purpose of this programme is to align and connect the players back with Johnsonville RFC. The team wrapped up the development programme with the traditional fixture against Horowhenua – Kapiti U16 held at Newlands college. This was well supported by the schools and the whanau.

The second fixture against Wairarapa Bush U16 was cancelled due to an oversight by Newlands College Rugby which resulted in a double booking.

The club recruitment plan in the colleges will continue to be a priority in 2018/19 to encourage more rugby school leavers to stay in the game and be part of the Johnsonville Rugby Club.

It is not what the coach knows; it is what his players have learned


Coaching Development Initiative - A Night with Billy Graham

Part of supporting coaching development is to provide opportunities for coaches to learn from the experience of other people whether it be in rugby or other sports.

The first of these was presented by former NZ Boxing champ and public speaker Billy Graham supported by his son David who shared philosophies on life and coaching/training ideas they use from juniors through to adults.

The session was attended by approximately 22 Junior, senior and college coaches who enjoyed Billy’s animated style of presenting.

A Night with Ian Foster

The second of these workshops was run by All Blacks Coach Ian Foster who shared some of his coaching methods from his earlier club coaching days, super rugby followed by All Black level. His delivery focussed on the “How” to coach.

There were 28 Junior, Senior and college coaches and managers in attendance who appreciated Ian’s ability to connect back with the grassroots coaches and deliver in basic terms.

All coaching is, is taking a player where he can’t take himself

– Bill McCartney, American Football

Age Grade Rugby

This season we had 33 registered U21 players. Of those people, three players were promoted at the start of the season and played in the Premier 1 and 2 teams.

28 played for the Colts team in the Division 2 grade in 2018.

The squad consisted of:

  • 10 new players;

  • 13 players from 2017/16 Colts team;

  • 5 players that were School Leavers from 2017

There was a total of 15 school leavers from 2017 that lived in Johnsonville and Newlands and attended Onslow, Newlands and St Pats Town. Of those:

  • 5 played U21s in 2018

  • 5 left the area to study

  • 3 chose to work which ruled out Saturday’s

  • 2 were injured that put them out for the season.

The retention of players continues to be a priority for the Club particularly at college and club level. The CDO will continue to look at options and opportunities to keep players engaged. Off season training was and will continue to be provided for players.

Hiko Davies

Coaching Development Officer

Johnsonville Rugby Club/Wellington Rugby

Rugby Awards

Well done to all those getting awards which included the following in 2018:

  • Most Points Age Grade – Zyrus Grace

  • Most Tries Age Grade – Anzac Pese

  • Most Dedicated Age Grade (Luff Trophy) – Rohan Rawlings

  • Most Improved Age Grade (Harris Trophy) – Eduardo Diaz

  • Best and Fairest Age Grade Back (Morar Cup) – Brett Taefu

  • Best and Fairest Age Grade Forward – Tayne Laird-Mahu

  • Most Points Reserve Grade – Jamie Aukino

  • Most Tries Reserve Grade (Selkirk Cup) – Jamie Aukino

  • Best and Fairest Reserve Grade (JPM Cup) – Taewa Rima

  • Most Tries Open Grade – Jamie (Cripples)

  • Most Points Individual Open Grade – Oakley Edmonds (Colts)

  • Most Improved Senior – PJ Sheck.

Membership Report

Subscriptions received for the 2018 season was $6k which isn't great. Obviously, the three top teams were the non-payers and between them 8 paid out of approximately 70 registered players. This year I propose to drop fees a bit with a discounted fee if paid by a certain date. First team with subs paid will get a prize and will give weekly team updates at club so will turn it into challenge. Part payments will be worth points as well. Need to try another way with players to get them to pay. I will also get team sheets sent to me, so I can email them often.

Cherie Collins

Memberships & Juniors

Newlands Juniors Report

Newlands Junior Rugby Club has had a successful 2018 season.

Deb Dornbusch and Wendy Cooper came on board as the co-convenors with Sandra Mabey stepping down. Our committee has had strong numbers and commitment over the season, currently 8 active members.

We had 5 teams, 1 x U6s, 2 x U7s, 1 x U8s & 1 x U10s. We had a total of 61 registered players, net loss of 10 players on last year but we did transfer 11 U12 players to Johnsonville Juniors (unable to secure a coach in March for the team) and 1 U11 to Wellington Axeman (neither Newlands or Johnsonville fielded a team in U11).

Newlands Rugby has a strong female % of players at 38% and with one of our U7 teams made up solely of girls (Newlands Angels). Wellington Rugby has been a great support in running additional Friday night modules which our girls from 4 different grades have attended.

Being aware that our 2018 U7 teams are stepping up to tackle next year we finished the season with several tackle trainings and a round of games against a Petone team, the result being the majority of the U7 players have committed to the 2019 season already.

As highlighted by the loss of the U12 team in 2018 due to not securing a coach we have already established commitment from our 2018 coaches for the 2019 season and they have all taken part in the development of our 2019 Season Draft Strategy.

The strategy is focusing on:

  • Increase player numbers

  • Coach and manager growth, retention and support

  • Maintain and build on our family friendly club culture

  • Learn more about our history (trophies etc)

  • “The most professionals amateurs” mind set

  • Increase community profile/awareness

We pride ourselves for the family atmosphere in our club and that is achieved by our dedicated committee organising family focused events and having our weekly sausage sizzle at the clubrooms on a Saturday morning for all the teams to come back and socialise together.

Financial Position:

Thanks to the efforts of the committee over the last season our opening balance and closing balance for this season has remained constant. There are no outstanding debts or receivables for the 2018 Rugby Season.

Going into the 2019 season we require several sets of new jerseys and jackets, especially requiring numbers on jerseys for our U11 2019 team. A grant application has been submitted to the Senior Club for review.

Touch Rugby:

We have 8 teams entered in this terms Total Touch tournament. Total Touch has included a Year 1 & 2 grade this year. We have 1 x Year 1/2, 4 x Year 3/4, 3 x Year 5/6 and 1 Year 7/8

team. This is a great way to keep the children and coaches linked in to our club over the off-

season, as well as meeting new family’s.

Thank you to the Senior Club for their support of our club, we appreciate the use of the facilities and the other support we receive.


Deb Dornbusch and Wendy Cooper

Co-Convenors - NJRC

Johnsonville Juniors Report

Johnsonville Juniors had a successful year in 2018. Registered numbers are up from last year (+3) which goes against a decrease in numbers across the region.

Some of the highlights for the club have been;

  • 14 teams of nearly 200 players

  • More teams with less players which means every kid gets maximum time on the field

  • Successful pilot of programme into two local schools

  • Johnsonville Juniors acting as host club for Regional rep tournament at Maidstone Park

  • Two teams playing in New Zealand Festival of Rugby in Taupo

  • Johnsonville Rugby club acting as host club for Wellington Snips trials and training

  • Successful Hangi night run at the club

  • Being actively involved in Alex Moore Park redevelopment

  • Gaining two funding grants

Some of the challenges the club has faced;

  • Being consulted on process of allocation of Helston and green room for training

  • Being given equal allocation of Helston and green room for training

  • Cancelling the Armstrong exchange with Masterton Marist

What the club has advocated for;

  • WRFU to install an U13 weight grade – Rugby is losing numbers at this level. Some return to rugby in the weight grades a college, not all though.

  • WRFU to make females go through formal dispensation for playing down a grade – strong feedback from coaches that significant size and skill mismatches exist which is turning kids away from the game.

  • WRFU wants to introduce and promote ripper rugby at U8 level (currently goes to U7). Not in favour of this as we already see a drop off at U8 level. Would actually prefer the opposite and introduce tackle rugby earlier.

  • 2019;

  • Alex Moore Redevelopment process to continue with build to start at the end of 2019

  • More players, more teams, more game time for players

  • Celebrate RWC and use this as a tool to promote rugby

Andrew McNaught

Johnsonville Junior Club Convenor

Grants Report

Wayne Armstrong was appointed to the committee as Grants Officer at the end of the 2013 season. A sub-committee was formed for the 2018 season consisting of Chairman (Kerry Walsh), Secretary (Amy Flaws), Treasurer (Susan Atkins), Business Manager (Blair Hannah), Grants Officer (Wayne Armstrong).

I would like to publicly thank and acknowledge the time and effort each of these people have put into gaining grants for the club. They are all volunteers and this task takes a lot of time and skill to complete successfully.

In 2018 we applied to multiple community and gaming charitable trusts for funds to help run our club. The committee set a budget of $70K, which was $10K more than last season’s budget.

Our applications to charitable trusts totalled $145K and we were successfully granted $80.6K.

We were successful with grant applications to:

  • Village Club – balls, shorts, socks, medical - granted $ 5.0K

  • Johnsonville Charitable Trust – ground lighting upgrade - granted $ 10.8K

  • Pub Charity – first aid and medical, balls senior and junior - granted $ 9.2K

  • Hutt Mana Charitable Trust – upstairs restrooms upgrade - granted $10.0K

  • New Zealand Community Trust – ½ of the R.D.O fees - granted $20.0K

  • The Trust Community Foundation – playing strips, physio - granted $14.3K

  • Pelorus Trust – Training gear, hit shields etc. - granted $ 6.1K

  • New Zealand Racing Board - ground fees, junior strips - granted $ 5.2K

Wayne Armstrong and Blair Hannah attend a NZRB grant recipients event. Pictured with a couple of NZ sports stars in Katrina Grant and Anita McLaren.

Trusts that did not grant us any funds this year:

  • Infinity Foundation – no more venues in our geographical area

  • Trillion Trust – insufficient funds available in our geographical area

  • Lotto Grants Board – items requested not allowed, van hire, fuel, accommodation

The pool of charitable trusts granting funds to sports clubs in our area continues to get smaller. The Government is also looking to scrap gaming machine funding. With the support of the committee I wrote a submission to the DIA outlining the positive effects gaming machine grants has had on our community club. Without funds from these charitable trusts and support from our wonderful sponsors we would not be able to run our club successfully.

All club members should be making a conscious effort to support the charitable trusts and businesses that support our club. Be proud and tell them you are from the Johnsonville Rugby Club and you appreciate their continued support.

I intend to continue to be on the Johnsonville Rugby Club Committee in this role for the 2019 season, if required.

Wayne Armstrong

Grants Officer

Business & Sponsorship Report

Dear Members, Playing Officials and Supporters of the Club,

I am pleased to report to you on the Business and Sponsorship aspects in 2018 for the Johnsonville Rugby Football Club (‘The Club’). Unfortunately, our 2018 financial results compare somewhat poorly to our plan set late last year. However, we were able to achieve a similar result to that in 2017. A summary of the results can be seen below:

Profit & Loss

The 2018 year saw a net loss of $11k which was $45k down on budget and $4k down on 2017.

Total revenue was largely in line with 2017 at $210k, however, down by $34k on budget. In saying this, we had $27k of grant funding received and not used, which in theory meant our cash income was not far from budget. Sponsorship and grant activity were the highlights like 2017.

Net bar income was only $22k in 2018 or 25.5% on the back of increasing costs to run the bar and price increases only affected late in the season. This was a significant gap to budget.

Subscription income was again poor only receiving $5k across both our playing and social members and this must increase next year. Total playing subs represented approximately 2 teams paying in full out of a total of 6 which is not sustainable for us.

Total costs increased by $2k from 2017, however, were $10k higher than budget. Generally, costs were managed well outside of playing expenses although certain costs around maintaining the clubrooms such as insurance continues to bite us. Playing expenses drove the overspend against budget. 3 areas drove this; training costs were $7k over budget. The pre-season saw the Athlete’s Village used in Tawa to train the guys and this totalled $12k. This was money not well spent and we learnt a good lesson from that. Scholarships of $5k were not budgeted, however, were a key spend looking to the future. Playing and dress gear was $5k over budget also and needs more scrutiny moving forward. Another key element of playing spend was around our physio and well-being costs which were a critical piece of spend around player injury and rehabilitation management. Unfortunately, our grant related to this fell quite short which hurt our bottom line.

Assets & Liabilities

Our total assets increased by $4k from 2017 which was largely due to the bathroom refurbishment upstairs in the clubrooms. This was a key piece of work needed. Our current liabilities were up on 2017 due to grant funding received nearer the end of the financial year, not spent.

A Look Forward to 2019

The new Committee will set a 2019 budget in December; however, it will be an important year to settle our finances and to make a profit. Key pieces of work / areas of focus in 2018/19 include the following:

  • Tidy up on Green Room and gym downstairs to allow our teams to use our own facilities (this is taking place)

  • Increasing utilisation of the Clubrooms and Green Room to increase hall hire income. Utilisation is very low currently

  • Increase bar margin and make efficiencies to drive this higher

  • Maintain strong levels of sponsorship and grants with this representing well over 60% of our income

  • Work closely with players and team management to ensure subscriptions are paid. We missed out on c. $9-10k of income in 2018

  • Drive more fundraising activity in 2019, $1.6k only was raised in 2018

  • Manage costs around playing

  • Continue to invest in the Clubrooms and other assets to ensure their useful lives are maximised. The flood lights have already been replaced in readiness for 2019 and we will need a maintenance plan for the Clubrooms

  • Invest in our communication activity around social media, website and marketing to promote the Club in the right way and to ensure our membership is maximised.


The Club recorded a record-breaking year in sponsorship in 2018 with $82k received across nearly 50 sponsors, up $23k on 2017. This is truly outstanding, and we thank our sponsors for their support!

Photos: a few of our local sponsors at the pre-season sponsors function at 1841

We once again drove a tiered framework to ensure it was clear what our sponsors received for their investment. We held successful functions both in the pre-season and at the end of the year prior to the Springboks test, again the latter in coordination with the Village Club.

We have completed a survey for our sponsors and we received some valuable feedback again heading into next year. A repeat in 2019 of 2018 would be superb.

We sincerely thank all our sponsors (in particular, our main sponsors Woodridge Homes, Superloans, Perry Barber Builders, Quay Marine, Tracer Construction, iYon Media, Higgins Tow, Kakariki Proteins and Mitre 10 Crofton Downs) who supported the Club in 2018 and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

Blair Hannah

Head of Business & Sponsorship

Our new Kid’s Corner which was a real hit in 2018. Thanks to Lauren Hannah and Thea Meredith and sponsored by Mitre 10 Crofton Downs.

Johnsonville Rugby Football Club

Analysis of Financials - 2018 September YTD compared with budget

Last updated: 8 November 2018

Last updated by: Blair Hannah

Media Report

Media for the club was maintained as per the standards of previous years. The JRFC website was updated sporadically, our newsletter went out almost every week and some of our players took responsibility for social media updates. A massive thanks needs to go to Kevin Hare for his continued support!

Moving forward – Year beginning 2019:

JRFC has been approached by a sponsor who has offered to engage a website designer and to cover the costs associated with the new website. I have met with Laura Hogg to establish business requirements from our perspective and to also gauge what other services can be added through this website update.

This includes, but is not restricted to:

Complete overhaul of current website including existing website content

  • Information being outdated (as provided by Club) including contact information

  • No policy framework on website for community (required from Committee)

Email set up

  • Chairperson – email for complaints and to be managed by chairperson etc

  • Enquiries – link for newsletter replies/general queries and to be managed by media officer

  • Bookings – email for booking/hire to be managed by facilities manager and perhaps social club manager (email linked to on line tentative bookings form)

  • Will support security measures needing to be implemented as the Club is proposing to, and currently holds confidential player information. Provisions under the Privacy Act requires that the appropriate means of storing and sharing information (especial electronically) are put in place. Having specific domain email addresses that are not redirected to personal/work emails is a step forward in respect of the Act

  • Ownership of email addresses will need to be undertaken – poor email management may see a loss in potential business growth e.g. booking enquiries, poor communication translating into poor customer service

Appropriate images and logos from sponsors to be gathered

  • Ensuring that representation of JRFC and sponsors is the best it can be

  • Comments made previously about distorted logos and photos (as obtained from sponsors / retrieved online)

Newsletter formatting

  • Changes to be in line with website formatting

  • If recipient responds to newsletter, reply will be directed to enquiries email not to an individual sitting outside of the committee as previously done – protection of privacy and JRFC ensures appropriate management of information/feedback

Google calendar

  • To be added to website and updated regularly by media officer

  • To show tentative bookings, gym classes etc

Integration of Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to website

  • Social media access granted to managers/senior members who are present for trainings and games

  • Social media policy added to policy framework

  • To manage appropriate standards of language etc which is information shared on behalf of JRFC and is therefore official club business

  • To protect the health and safety of others who may/may not be aware of images published on behalf of JRFC

  • To manage the appropriate use of the JRFC logo in personal social media profiles (player clearly zooming in on JRFC logo then videoed naked female who had no knowledge of footage being taken)

Selection of policies to be added to website

  • Complaints policy and procedures

  • Child protection policy and procedures

  • H+S policy (one pager as opposed to manual)

  • Privacy policy

  • Social media policy

  • Player/member code of conduct

“Meet the Committee/Teams” page

  • Brief description of members with names, relevant email addresses (if applicable), and roles at JRFC. Pictures optional – consider importance of community members being able to identify Committee members presence for games, events, and other support

  • May help with perceived Committee-Player disconnect

  • ‘Meet the teams’ may be a breakdown of teams with coach, manager and player info like name and position/role. Not considering photos here unless they are team photos. Just thinking about size on the website and also the task of taking individual photos and editing them.

The overall web content review has begun, and information is now being shared with Laura through OneDrive. Due to potential clashes with her current clients and issues with information retrieval, we may not be able to have this prepared for the close of 2018 as hoped. We are hoping to have this rolled out early 2019 however this is also dependent on the Committee being able to approve policies needing to be published, collate photos for website, approve hire costs for facilities and approve email addresses and the managers for these addresses.

Thea Meredith

Interim Media Officer

Health & Safety Report

The 2018 season saw a much larger emphasis placed around Health & Safety which is a key issue for the Club.

On the field, we worked closely with our physio Te Aro Physio around injury prevention and management after we saw a horrible run at the start of the season. Early in the Swindale Shield we saw around 15 separate injuries of all scales which tested our depth and performance across the top two teams.

Our partnership with Te Aro meant we were working closely with them around trying to track player injury information to assist in managing this. This came late in the season and by the time we were looking to get privacy disclosures back from players about the release of information, the season was coming to an end. This is certainly a key area of focus for the 2019 season and we are already engaging with Te Aro Physio in this regard. Although this came at a cost of which well and truly exceeded our grant (leaving an $8k shortfall), this was an important shift.

On a week to week basis, we were required to send through a Risk Management Plan to the WRFU around how we would go about preparing around Health & Safety at the Club. In terms of serious incidents at home, we only registered one which was a serious leg laceration of one our Premier Reserve players and this was handled adequately on the day and post the event with the WRFU’s support.

We also needed to maintain a Hazard Register throughout the season and the items raised during the season included the following:

  • Club driveway leak (potential risk of infection / sickness) - resolved

  • Clubrooms loose wiring – resolved

  • Club driveway potholes / bank slip – resolved although still working with WCC around sustainable bank support

  • Clubroom windows – still under review

  • Player safety – as noted above, working with Te Aro around a sustainable way to manage this

  • Compliance with Health & Safety at Work Act 2015 – working on a H&S policy which will be rolled out by the new Committee. Our sign in process for visitors will also change next year with a H&S statement to be acknowledged upon signing in

  • Managing alcohol at the Club – we are currently reviewing our host responsibilities to ensure this is managed appropriately. We have also recently rolled out of a Complaints and Concerns Procedure to assist with this area and in general around the Club.

Whilst the above outlines a lot of compliance, the reality is our Club is currently a Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking (‘PCBU’) meaning our requirements under the HSWA 2015 are more stringent than other Clubs who do not employ any workers. This model will need a review moving into the 2019 season. In the shorter term, a Health & Safety Representative or two will be appointed by the new Committee which will require specific training.

I feel the Club has taken some positive steps forward in this domain in 2018, however, there is a lot more work to do in 2019.

Blair Hannah

Interim Health & Safety Representative

Social Committee Report

Not only a successful year for the club on the field, but this year was another fun filled season socially.

The fiercely fought “Games Night” bought out the competitiveness in our quieter supporters and our “Hawkes” night saw many Hippies getting down on the dance floor.

The introduction of member profiles in the newsletters saw us getting to know a bit more about the JRFC personalities.

Old Timers, or the more politically correct – Past Players, drew in the crowds and carried on to the wee hours with the live sounds of “Ladysoul”.

One of the highlights of the social calendar was the return of the Variety Night. Johnsonville

certainly has got talent with the singers, poets and beauty “queens” coming out of the closet.

The club also hosted the French and South African supporters prior to the All Black tests, with fantastic nights of speakers and entertainment by “Ladysoul”.

Then to top off the rugby season, prize giving went off with a bang with the club dancing the night away to the amazing sounds of “2Twenty”. JRFC certainly do know how to party!

Our most rewarding event this season was our Quiz fundraiser for our very own Eamonn Carr. It was a fantastic effort to bring together a community to support one of our brothers.

Hats off to the Social Committee – well done!

Susan Atkins

Social Committee Representative

Receive & Adopt the Financial Statements of the Club for the year ended 30 September 2018

Business for which due notice has been given

  • Membership Deaths

  • Life Membership (per rule 5.1)

  • Alex Moore Park Development (refer presentation) (per rule 18.3)

Election of Executive Committee

In accordance with Rule 7 of the Constitution.

The Officers shall be:

• President*

• Vice President

• Club Captain*

• Secretary*

• Treasury* and

• Seven Committee Members elected at the Annual General Meeting.

*Ex-officio role.

Subscriptions for 2018 Season

In accordance with Rule 12 of the Constitution.

To determine for different classes:

  • Seniors

  • Age grade

  • Social

  • Partners

  • Country.

The committee recommends the following subscriptions for the 2018/2019 season:

  • Senior and age grades - $120 per player ($100 early bird prior to 31 March)

  • Senior and age grade teams - $2,000 per team ($1,800 early bird prior to 31 March)

  • Social members - $35 per person

  • Partners (of playing members) $17.50 (half of social membership)

  • Country - $35 per person

General Business


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