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Match Wraps

Woodridge Homes Premier’s 5 vs Wellington Axemen 86


Saturday was tough. We had 10 players play two games and a number playing well over 120 mins of rugby. 18 in total injured or unavailable across the top two sides impacting on the day. This isn’t safe for our boys, yet they were committed to ensure we did not default either match.

Some courage but this is not sustainable. The simple answer is players and there are plenty of lads in our catchment that can still play our game for the mighty Hawks. As a member, sponsor, supporter, follower, ask the question of someone, ‘Can you still play mate?’

It doesn’t get any easier week on week and we need to keep building depth so we can really show our true colours in years to come. Other clubs are also feeling the pinch, so we aren’t alone but let’s work together to keep our Premier Status.

Quay Marine Premier Reserves 43 vs Wellington Axeman 20

A good outcome for the "Brother's". The team adapted well to the many changes implemented by coaching staff that saw many players playing out of position, especially in the forwards, in order to put a team out on the field. Forwards created a lot of space for the backs to exploit resulting in 6 well-orchestrated tries’, 4 to Jacob Walmsley. The pre-game talk I told the team go out and have some fun well Jacob had too much fun. Thanks goes to all the gent's that helped out, greatly appreciated. I'm pleased with the outcome for the team, they earned every score. To Andrew, Jude and Premier brother's, we are "pushing the proverbial" up the same hill we'll get to the top together, B's Brotherhood got your back.

Point Scorer's: Jacob Walmsley 4 tries, Conor Franklin 1 try, Jordan 1 try. Anaru Waihape 5conversion's 1penalty.

(Brent Carroll, Head Coach)

Superloans Colts 30 vs Wellington Axeman Colts 12

We started with the team we trained with on Thursday and lads got there early or on time (shot!). We had a small bench and started the game with the wind behind us. We didn’t play our best game in first half with the score only 13-5 up. In the second half the boys played like a team and put some great plays together to finish 30 points to 12. This team has a lot of promise and will only get better.

(Perry Barber, Colts Manager)

Superloans 85’s 26 vs Paraparaumu 5

Top win for the boys against the travelling boys from up the coast. Onwards and upwards from the round 1 default.

Superloans Cripples 32 vs Poneke Rats 14

Cripples 1st comp game of the season vs a team we never played before Poneke Rats, with 3 new players on the park starting a bit rusty in windy conditions but winning the game comfortably 6 tries to 2, 32 to 14.

(Richard ‘Noff’ Eckhoff, Cripples Chief)

JRFC Pressies 29 vs Wellington Axeman Pressies 31

Not enough pre-game carbs boys. Top effort and great to see you at the Hataitai clubrooms enjoying a beer post-match.



· Woodridge Homes Premiers vs Petone Premiers, Helston Park, 2.15pm

· Quay Marine Premier Reserves vs Petone Premier Reserves, Helston Park, 12.30pm

· Superloans Colts vs Wainuiomata Colts, Mary Crowther Park 1, 12pm

· Superloans 85’s vs Eastbourne 85s, HW Shortt Recreation Ground 1, 2.15pm

· Superloans Cripples vs Stokes Valley Chiefs, Delaney Park 2, 2.15pm

· Johnsonville Pressies vs Avalon Pressies, Fraser Park 1, 2.15pm.

Get along to support our teams.


Monday Player Development Sessions Continue


Monday’s 6pm, Helston Park

For Who:

The aim is to develop our younger players in the community at College and Colts level in order to provide a foundation for our future Premier sides. This is not limited to younger players only.

We hope to see you there!

For any queries, please contact


Take Advantage of the Early Bird Offer on Subscriptions…..Extended!

Subscriptions are now due for all players and for those playing you still have an opportunity to avail an early-bird deal of $100 if paid before 6.30pm on Saturday evening! Some of you will be fundraising as part of team efforts to raise subs money and this is fine, but the team will benefit if they pay prior to this time.

Remember, subs are critical to help assist the club pay for its day to day costs as well as all the costs relating to playing the game.

For more details, please see here:

Club bank details:




The Membership Draw Back at the Club – MUST GO THIS SATURDAY

If you have paid your subs either as a playing member or social member this gives you a chance to be into win the membership draw! $100 must go this Saturday and will be drawn at 7pm. You must be there to be in with a chance to win!



The “Team Token Jar” is a competition for player/management team which will run from Saturday 6 April until Prize-Giving Night.

Each player/management that turns up each Saturday will be given a token to put in their team jars.

In return we have three bar tabs up for grabs for 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

The rules:

· Only players, coaches/management team can enter and must be present at the time.

· Token will be given after announcements.

· Names will be checked off the team list.

· Social Team has the discretion to make decisions when required.


Hangi At the Club

A huge effort by the Premier / Premier Reserve squads to sell all their Hangi tickets.

Hangi Prep: Saturday night at the after announcements. Sunday morning Hangi will go into the hole we will need help and at 4pm when it comes out.

Feel free to ask your family to come along and help us either Saturday night or Sunday. The more the merrier!

On behalf the Managers we really do appreciate the efforts both teams have put in with our fundraisers.



We are hosting a Family Shared Lunch between 1pm and 3pm on Sunday 12 May. We will have fun games for all ages young and old so get along.

Please bring along some kai / food to share on Mother's Day.



We hope you have the date marked in the calendars as it is coming around fast! The theme will be the Dream Team and Buffaloes Reunion and shapes up to be a beauty.

The Premier and Premier Reserves take on the Avalon Wolves that day in Swindale Shield action.

Some reunion!

OLD TIMERS SOCIAL ENTERTAINMENT will feature Lady Soul between 7.30pm and 11.30pm.


Health Segment – Dealing with Concussion

Concussion can occur when a player receives an impact to the head or body that causes the brain to shake inside the skull. If a player is knocked out or loses consciousness, they have obviously sustained a concussion, but it is important to remember that a person can be concussed without losing consciousness.

For more information check out the following link and take care of each other:


From neck break in late-night assault to Hurricanes starter for Kane Le'aupepe

What an achievement from one of our homegrown. Through the might of Newlands College and into the mighty Hawks, Kane Le’aupepe has cracked the big time. Well done brother!

Check out the quality read here:

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