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Back at Hell Park

Welcome to another edition of our fortnightly newsletter. A little bit of housekeeping – if anyone has been struggling to get these on a weekly basis here is some information:

· We are only doing these fortnightly, however, we are doing updates each week to the website for match summaries and other things with links to social media. Keep an eye out

· If you or a mate are not on the mailing list, head to and at the bottom of the page you can key in your email to be added to the mailing list. That simple 😊

Headfirst – Mental Health Awareness Session – 1 April

In conjunction with NZ Rugby we held a Mental Health Awareness workshop at the club on Monday evening. We had around 40 people turn up of all different ages and ethnicity which was terrific. All Black Nehe Milner-Skudder, Headfirst Ambassador was there sharing his experiences which certainly helped grabbing the attention of us all.

There were some great takeaways on the night (not including the pizza) including a top 10 tips for mental fitness. These included:

1. Sleep (8 hours or more for most people)

2. Take time out

3. Gratitude

4. Connect with others (not just on social media but in person)

5. Eat well

6. Do things you enjoy

7. Talk

8. Do something for someone else (eg. Volunteering)

9. Mindfulness (eg. Meditation techniques)

10. Exercise.

For more details visit the Headfirst website at

We were stoked with the session and appreciated the support of NZ Rugby and Nehe getting along for this. We may look at another session down the track this year.


Nehe and the awesome team from NZR


Match Wraps

Woodridge Homes Premier’s 5 vs Marist St Pats Premier’s 71

Tries: Taewa Rima

A tough day out for the boys. A few key quotes from Jude Perez our Assistant Coach:


Gaining Possession - We threw possession away each time we gained possession by kicking the ball out so, poor option taking. We need to hold onto the ball more.

Support - We played individually and lots of ball watch happening. When the support was there, they didn't provide an option for the Ball Carrier or latched-on going into contact or get the latch-ons to support the ball carrier.

Pressure - Possession, Field Position and Pace - When we did build up good pressure, we scored a try, but when we didn't we played individually and did lots of lone running or kicked the ball out.


Going Forward - Our D-Line was too wonkie, lacked in communication, not numbering off, not aggressive enough in their reaction

Quality of Tackling - When good tackle technique was applied, and we gained a couple of penalties but when the tackle wasn't, we were too loose on the tackle-wrap & lack of leg drive to keep the forward momentum.

Counter Attack - Showed some good speed however, lacked in communication, shape, options from other players. We were also, too slow or lazy at getting back to help support the back 3.

Quay Marine Premier Reserves 5 vs Marist St Pats Premier Reserves 101

MSP was a more polished and fitter side. We did as much as we could with the players that turned up. Pre-match we had 22 players on paper. At kick off we had 17, of this number 3 turned up, via good fortune and responding to last-minute calls by the team manager, to help out with fielding a team. We had too many players playing out of their normal positions. A tired team showed a lot of "ticker" out on the pitch for the full 80. Finger's crossed our player numbers improve this week at home. Brent Carroll (Head Coach).

What is going on?

You as the faithful will be concerned about these score lines asking what is going on at the club? Despite these results, plenty of good and hard work is going and our focus is on 3 key areas in our rugby set up:

1. Build a quality culture that our rugby players want to be around and tell their mates about – this is coming along

2. Build a sustainable squad across not only Premier’s and Premier Reserve’s but Colts also. This doesn’t just come out of thin air so we are working overtime with our links with our feeder colleges Newlands and Onslow and also looking at tracking other local kids through the system. This is also ensuring our local players are playing for us to ensure we have resilience. The earlier season start hasn’t helped

3. Being a professional outfit. This is not just on the park with the way we play through increased discipline but off it also in terms of the way we look and go about our approach. We have implemented some expectations to assist with this including ensuring honesty and respect are placed in high importance across our sides

Quite simply, this doesn’t all just come together overnight. A change in a number of personnel including coaching and a loss of a number of non-true blue players doesn’t help for now but it helps for tomorrow. Stick with us here and come to the ground and support our side!


This Weeks Matches – All Grades Underway this Saturday!

· Woodridge Homes Premier’s vs Para-Plim Premier’s, Helston Park, 2.45pm

· Quay Marine Premier Reserve’s vs Para-Plim Premier Reserve’s, Helston Park, 1pm

FIRST HOME SO GET ALONG TO SUPPORT THE CLUB. We will have the Kid’s Corner back up and running and a Baton’s Up fundraiser will be run by the Premier’s.

· Superloans Colts vs Poneke, Kilbirnie Park 2, 1pm

· Superloans Under 85’s vs HOBM, Hutt Rec 3, 1pm

· Superloans Cripples vs Avalon Knights, Fraser Park 3, 1pm

· Presidents vs Northern United White, Porirua Park 2, 2.45pm.


Social Events at the Club

We have plenty of fun events coming up at the club which include the following:

· Saturday 6 April, 6pm – Jukebox for some great tunes and laughs!

· Saturday 13 April, 7pm – It’s In The Bag!

· Sunday 12 May, 1-3pm – Family Fun Time Shared Lunch

· Saturday 25 May, 7.30-11.30pm – Old Timer’s Day, Lady Soul Playing.

Bring your friends and family to share in the fun!


2019 Merchandise Available

Our new 2019 merchandise courtesy of Kukri is available. You can access this here.

Please be sure to get your requests through to Please note we do require minimum orders of certain stock and there will also be a lead time of 4-6 weeks. Once you have made the enquiry and request, we will let you know of next steps and expected timing. We hope to see many of you kitted up in the club’s colours as soon as possible!


Alcohol Policy at the Johnsonville Rugby Football Club - Reminder

The JRFC Committee have launched a new policy to assist our rugby club meet the needs of our on-premise license.

You can access the policy here.

Please note this will take effect from April 6 which is our first home game.

For more information or any concerns, please feel free to contact the club at or contact someone on our Committee.

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