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Issued to WRFU Stakeholders on Thursday 13 August 2020, 12:01pm

Please see below Update #4 following the move back to COVID-19 Alert Level Two.

Until a final decision is made by WRFU tomorrow afternoon Clubs and Schools: 

  • Are able to continue contact training in line with requirements in Update #3, and 

  • Should remain ready to play matches this Saturday.

  • Clubrooms can remain open so long as the three S’s can be adhered to; Seated, Single Server and Separation

Management have completed some scenario planning for alert levels 1-3. These are:

Level One: BAU with increased focus on contact tracing processes and improved hygiene/sanitation processes.

Level Three: No Community Sport permitted. This includes both trainings and matches.

Level Two:

  • Any matches played at Level Two will require compromises by Clubs. This may involve cancellations and matches being played at neutral venues where entry to fields can be tightly managed. 

  • Each field (within a ground) would be required to adhere to a 100 person bubble and Clubs will be tasked with managing this.

  • Each bubble needs to include all players, management, officials and spectators

  • No bubbles can interact with each other which creates difficulty for grounds with more than one field, and matches at the same time 

  • See attached NZR requirements for matches at Level Two

Our next update will be issued tomorrow afternoon, unless there are further announcements this afternoon that necessitate a further update today. 

In the meantime please think about the implications of the Level Two requirements for your Club, and  should you have any questions, concerns or want any clarification, please get in contact with Michael Langley, Community Rugby Liaison Officer (Club Capability) -, 021 390 463.

JRFC Statement:

We are working through level 2 implications for Saturday assuming matches are to go ahead. It is even more critical with us scheduled at home to host Ories for the Ash Pointon Memorial Cup.

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