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It's "bye" for now...

Updated: Jun 16, 2019

Match Recaps

Woodridge Homes Premiers 27 vs Avalon 53

After playing Avalon on Old Timer's Day and losing by 4 the players were confident on a good performance but unfortunately this backed fired and Avalon come out all guns blazing.. Within 10 mins our Hawks were down by 17 and then it was just an up hill battle for the next 70 minutes. With the score being 53-27 we scored 5 well worked tries but defence let us down on the day.  The bye has come at a good time for us to get ready for the Wellington Axeman on 22 June.  The team give a big shout out to PJ Sheck on making the Wellington U19’s, an awesome effort and all the hard work has paid off!

(Andrew Wharakura, Head Coach)

Quay Marine Premier Reserves 51 vs Avalon Premier Reserves 28

Some real quality on show on the Fraser Artificial. Great win keeping the boys in touch in the attempt to retain the HD Morgan Cup.

Superloans Colts 14 vs Avalon Colts 42

The Colts played before the Prems this week and the team we faced was a totally different Avalon team than the last time we played a couple of weeks ago. They had big runners and got the better of us, although we did look dangerous with ball in hand and we won the last quarter. But as we all know it is an 80-minute game. We have Upper Hutt this week out there as they have come down from the first division. But we are all clear on our goal of making the semi’s and know what is needed.

(Perry Barber, Manager)

Superloans Cripples 29 vs Upper Hutt Pirates 19

Once again, the Cripples were down on numbers vs the Pirates from Upper Hutt but moved a few players into new positions and a couple of new chaps played. The boys played really well down early 7 nil and then scoring 29 unanswered points. All points were scored by our outside backs……. finally lol. Chris Loper scored the try of the season running and stepping 60 metres through their team to dot down under the posts 👌🏻. Score 29 to 19 🤙🏿

(Richard ‘Noff’ Eckhoff, Cripples Chief)

Superloans 85s 71 vs OBU Scallywags 10

The boys are flying. Now scoring the most points in the comp and easily assuming a top 4 position. A Paul Potiki chance later on?


This Week’s Games:

· Woodridge Homes Premiers – have a BYE

· Quay Marine Premier Reserves – have a BYE

· Superloans Colts vs Upper Hutt Rams Colts, Maoribank Park 2, 1pm

· Superloans 85’s vs MSP 85’s, Prince of Wales Park 2, 2.45pm

· Superloans Cripples vs Petone Brotherhood, Petone Rec 1, 2.45pm

· Johnsonville Pressies vs Para-Plim Pressies, Helston Park, 2.45pm

Get along to support the boys!

At College level, the Onslow 1st XV (supported by Newlands College) host Wellington College 2nd XV at Onslow at 1pm if you are interested in getting along to this.


PJ (pictured 2nd right) and his squad

PJ Sheck Makes Wellington Under 19 Training Squad

A massive shout out to our young prop PJ Sheck who has made the Wellington Under 19 Training Squad coached by Dion Waller. PJ’s dedication and commitment has been second to none over the past couple of years so this is well deserved and the club is very proud.

All players will attend a training session on Monday 17 June starting their preparations to try and retain the Hurricanes Region U19 Trophy.



We are hosting an Italian themed event for our members and sponsors which will start with a lovely sit-down lunch. Details as follows:

Venue: Johnsonville Rugby Club

Date: Saturday 22 June 2019

Time: 12pm - 2pm

Price: $25 *Ticket entry only*

Don’t miss out on this event which will feature:

· A visit by the Rugby World Cup (what!?)

· A quality Italian meal courtesy of some local Italian cooks

· Some lovely Italian wine

· A couple of formalities and possibly some Italian singing and songs

· Raffles on the day.

Please contact Susan Poutoa on 027 828 2468 or if you wish to purchase ticket/s.

Other fun events that weekend include:

SATURDAY 22 JUNE 2019: 7.30PM – 9PM: Clubrooms:

(NOW Saturday 6 July with Hurricanes vs Bulls Super Rugby Quarterfinal)

Join us for a night of fast-paced “Hawks” fun at our “Night at the Races”.


Want to spend a couple of hours with other Hawks families? Join us for our family fun time. We'll have fun games for all ages young and old! Please bring kai/food to share.

An opportunity to take photos with the Rugby World Cup!


Another Hangi?......You Beauty!

Please contact Susan Poutoa or Sophie Gates for tickets


Subscriptions Now Well Due….

We have seen some terrific efforts by our teams this year to raise their subs monies, however, we still have some collecting to do. Please be sure to square this off as soon as possible as the running of the club simply isn’t free. More details at the following:


Merchandise On It's Way

We are expecting our merchandise order very soon so we will get in touch with those that placed orders to arrange payment / delivery of items. It will also mean we have some spares to be sold and ideally by the weekend of the 22nd of June we will have this ready to show you all.


'Free for All' Coming Back to the Club (24-27 June)

The Clubrooms will again be a bit messy from June 24 but for a great cause. We are again assisting a local charity organisation, ‘FREE FOR ALL’ which picks up spare bits and pieces (clothes, shoes, appliances, you name it) from school galas and the like to help those in need.

Only a koha donation required to pick up some necessities some households really need. Great stuff Dee and her team and we hope to see this more at the club. For more details the website is:


Health and Safety Update: The cold and flu – so what’s the difference?

It’s that time of year when our sick leave seems to be getting used on our unwell tamariki. So for us to look after ourselves and our whanau as best as we can, we’ve got a few brief pointers to help get us through winter.


There are over 200 different viruses that can cause colds. These viruses spread through the air when someone with a cold sneezes or coughs.

You usually start having cold symptoms 1–3 days after contact with a cold virus. Symptoms may include:

· scratchy or sore throat

· a cough

· sneezing and a runny or blocked nose

· watery eyes

· blocked ears

· a slight fever (37.2 to 37.8°C)

· tiredness and headache.

A cold is different from the flu (influenza). The flu usually develops more quickly. You’ll have fever and muscle aches within a few hours and will generally feel sicker than with a cold.


The influenza virus infects your nose, throat and lungs. The flu is normally worse than a cold.

In temperate climates such as New Zealand’s, you’re more likely to get the flu in winter. Some people get very sick – influenza causes deaths every year.

Symptoms of influenza come on suddenly and can include:

· fever

· chills

· muscle aches

· runny nose

· cough

· stomach upsets.

Look out for signs of dehydration such as dizziness when standing, and not passing urine regularly.

If a person you are caring for is less responsive than normal, unusually quiet, or confused, you should call a doctor urgently.

It is also important to let your doctor know if you were starting to feel better, then get worse.

So how do we prevent these viruses from spreading?

If you are unwell, stay at home until you are better.

Follow basic hygiene practices:

· Wash your hands regularly for at least 20 seconds and dry them for 20 seconds – or use an alcohol-based hand rub.

· Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.

· Don’t share drinks.

· Avoid crowded places.

· Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you cough or sneeze – then put the tissue in a lined bin.

Let's look after ourselves this winter both on and off the field.

Noho ora mai whanau!

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