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Some real fight in the last dig at home!

Match Recaps

Woodridge Homes Premiers 12 vs MSP Premiers 29

It was the last home game of the season and the boys wanted to put a big shift in to thank the loyal supporters. Our focus was to hold the ball and make MSP work hard for their points. With the weather playing its part it did even the playing ground but what an effort from the boys in blue.

From the kick-off, you could see we were ready, and our attitude and our focus was on point as we hustled the Red machine and put them under huge pressure. We trailed by 7 and then the boys shifted into another gear with Jacob slicing through to score under posts, converted by Stephen and then our forwards muscling up with Brady scoring. 12 all wow wee!!

A couple of huge moments one being foul play with Tawera getting a grubby high shot after whistle in the face breaking his nose and then Peter breaking his forearm in a tackle. (The bloke only got yellow!) We went into break 12 all boys still pumped.

The second half was much the same but MSP scored a couple tries but the effort was there. From our coaches view this would have been the best effort of the season with attitude and intensity!!! With the final score 29-12, the Hawks supporters should have been proud.

Lastly, a big shout to Peter Stewart who has retired, not the best way to go out but has put his body on the line for Hawks so enjoy the time and get well soon. Also, Tawera get well soon and hopefully see both of you next week at last game of season.

(Andrew Wharakura, Head Coach)

Quay Marine Premier Reserves 0 vs MSP Premier Reserves 109

Not the best of results for the team. MSP were definitely the better team on the day. Greatly appreciate the assistance provided by the Pressies and Colts which definitely helped with fielding a team. Nothing but admiration for the players, who gave it everything out on the paddock.

The coming weekend game against Para-Plim is a must win in order for the team to make semi-finals. I know the boy's will empty the tank against our opponents.

(Brent Carroll, Head Coach)

Superloans Colts 19 vs Poneke Colts 57

The boys turned up Friday to play top of the table Poneke and did they turn up. 14-12 down at half time and could have been more. Poneke brought on heaps of subs and ended up getting some points on the board to win 57-19. The boys never gave up and it was great to see them all enjoy playing together. If you get a chance next week, we have a home game on Saturday against Wainui so come and watch these guys at Helston!

(Perry Barber, Manager)

Superloans 85s 24 vs Paraparaumu 85’s 12

After a narrow loss a few weeks ago and losing the Challenge Cup to Upper Hutt Rams at Helston Park, the J’ville 85s had to step up for their next game against Kapiti. The game played at Paraparaumu Domain in front of a capacity crowd of 12,000 was set to be a good game and proved to be for J’ville. Talking to the Technical Advisor, Rod Sharpe, he explained the team talked about cleaning up some areas in game with the main focus was at the break downs. With the scrum dominating and starving the Kapiti side of the ball in this area it was hard work for the Kapiti team. Some clever kicking on a rushing defence by 1st 5 Rawiri Atkins and 2nd 5 Tony (Papa) Natoli followed by a good chase from all the backs really put the pressure on at times. A really good effort by everyone eventually winning 24 -12. Thanks to our supporters and team management Rod and Roko.

(Paul Te Ariki, Head Coach)

Superloans Cripples 35 vs Tawa Firsts 10

Cripples played Tawa in driving wind and rain in freezing conditions. We played very well in the conditions leading at half time into the gale and then kicking on to win 35 to 10. Got to say DK kicked 6 from 7 in that wind 👌🏻. We got a couple of our injured boys back and rolling towards the semis nicely.

(Richard ‘Noff’ Eckhoff, Cripples Chief)


This Week’s Games:

· Woodridge Homes Premiers vs Para-Plim Premiers, Ngati Toa Domain 1, 2.45pm

· Quay Marine Premier Reserves vs Para-Plim Premier Reserves, Ngati Toa Domain 1, 1pm

· Superloans Colts vs Wainuiomata Colts, Helston Park, 1pm

· Superloans 85’s vs HOBM 85’s, Hutt Rec 2, 2.45pm

· Superloans Cripples vs Stokes Valley Chiefs, Helston Park, 2.45pm

· Johnsonville Pressies vs Ories Pressies, Polo Ground 2, 2.45pm.

Get along to support the boys! The Premiers play their last game of the season hoping to notch up a win. The Premier Reserves seeking to qualify for the HD Morgan Memorial Cup semi-finals need a win.

At College level, the Onslow 1st XV (supported by Newlands College) have a week off with school holidays falling. They had a good win against St Pats Town 3rd XV 43-22 on the weekend and sit 3rd in the Paul Cameron Cup.


MIKE CRON the ‘SCRUM DOCTOR’ Coming To The Club!

Our Club Driver Hiko Davies has lined up the services of Mike Cron during test week and he will be up at the club on Wednesday 24 July at 7.30pm. This invite is open to all coaches and managers across the senior, college and junior space! We will have the bar open from 7pm and it will be great to hear from the ‘Scrum Doctor’ who finishes up his incredible legacy with the AB’s after the World Cup.


Subscriptions Overdue....A Final Push!

We have seen some terrific efforts by our teams this year to raise their subs monies, however, we still have some collecting to do. Please be sure to square this off as soon as possible as the running of the club simply isn’t free and this time of year becomes even harder as the season starts finishing off;


Health and Safety Update…..gee we play a tough sport!

As we all know rugby is one of the toughest sports on the planet and accordingly, we see a vast number of injuries along the way during a given season. It doesn’t matter if it is at Premier level or Pressie’s, it’s a real risk for our guys week in week out.

There have been many longer-term injuries at the club this year including a torn achilles, broken arm, broken foot, broken noses amongst a whole lot of other niggles as a result of the boys going into battle.

It doesn’t matter if it is round 1 or round 10, injury prevention is critical especially when our playing squads have been under pressure. We need to continue to drive into our teams’ things that assist our players in reducing the chance of injury which can include the following:

· Physical preparation – pre-season is critical to hitting the ground running for a given season

· Pre-participation screening – those new to the game in particular or those getting on in age should think about some pre-participation medical screening with a sports or general practitioner to assess their condition

· Warm up and cool down procedures – we have heard this for years, yet we so often don’t follow through in particular around a proper cool down. Get it done!

· Safety during the game – ensure our technique is sound and we are wearing safety equipment such as mouthguards (a must!) and headgear where preferred. As well, think about the boots / sprigs relative to the ground so your footing is safe and comfortable. Tied in with this is fitness, your technique stays sound as long as you aren’t fatigued

· Eat well before and after matches – a well balanced diet around match day can assist in helping your body recover more quickly.

Let’s stay safe and continue to think about this for not only the rest of this season but leading into 2020!

Nga mihi nui


Black Caps Victorious at Old Trafford

Yes, we are a rugby club, however, how good was it to see the Black Caps beat the might of India and 1.5 billion followers to get into the Cricket World Cup Final for 2019. They will take on either Australia or England on Sunday evening our time and can hopefully put the 2015 disappointment in Melbourne vs Australia behind them. A big year for the Cups and NZ possibly!

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