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The 'W' waits another week but closer again...

Match Wraps

Woodridge Homes Premiers 17 vs Upper Hutt Rams 34

The game against the Rams was like watching both teams play snakes and ladders, with us landing on snakes more than ladders. With a low-key start from the Hawks and a sluggish defensive line allowed the Rams to score their 1st try 2 mins into the game. As the game progressed, the Rams kept giving lots of penalties away where the Hawks used one of them and scored their 1st try by Rohan from a classic play of the forwards setting up a good platform leaving the backs to finish it off. It slightly lifted their confidence, but the Hawks were their worst enemies by applying extra pressure on themselves through not executing the basics very well. Half-time score was 12-5.

Going into the second half, the Hawks knew what they needed to do and to not lower themselves to their level. However, players were unable to rise to the occasion and chose to fall back into their bad habits through miss tackles and not showing any aggression in the rucks. The end result, 34-17. On a positive note, the fitness level has improved over time and there’s always lots of work-on’s to do and it’s evident. The commitment and communication from the boys have also been great, giving us an opportunity to keep building that awesome team culture we have.

(Jude Perez, Assistant Coach)

Rohan Rawlings dots down in the corner vs the Rams

Quay Marine Premier Reserves 19 vs Upper Hutt Rams 53

A disappointing outcome. We had the players to challenge and force a better outcome, but the lack of training together left the team 30+ point's shy. Our team started well scoring a converted try in the opening minutes. Unfortunately, we failed to capitalise on the start and the opposition scored 4 unanswered tries and converted twice. Eventually, we got into a scoring position after 3 reset scrums and were awarded a penalty try to end the half.

In the second half the team left their 'smarts" in the halftime huddle for the first 25-30 minutes at which time the opposition piled on the point's. Frustration started to boil over, 1 of our player's was 'head-highed' which fired up the team and we played a number of phases eventually leading to a 5 pointer. Then we went to sleep and let in 3 lineout drives at which the opposition took full advantage scoring on all 3 occasions to end the match. Several of our players "left it all out on the field" and showed individual brilliance. The rest of the players on the field enjoyed the spectacle possibly?

Pont Scorers: Antherea 1t, Meyer 1t, George 1t; Anaru 2c

(Brent Carroll, Head Coach)

Superloans Colts – BYE

Superloans Cripples 20 vs Tawa Firsts 19

Cripples vs Tawa was harder than expected. We didn’t play too well, a lot of errors every week as we seem to have new combinations, Tawa had several B players running for them also. We jumped out to a 10 nil lead early on but then conceded 19 unanswered points A couple of our boys resting injuries decided to get changed and go on during the 2nd half plus retired big Si and their experience changed the game with us scoring 10 points in the last 5 mins to scrape home 20 to 19. A big game next week vs Ruffnuts 🤙🏿

(Richard ‘Noff’ Eckhoff, Cripples Chief)

Superloans 85s 7 vs Upper Hutt Rams 3

A tight one and the inclusion of a couple of ex-senior boys assisted a really tough fought out win!


This Weeks Games on our 2019 OLD TIMER’s DAY:

· Woodridge Homes Premiers vs Avalon, Helston Park, 2.45pm

· Quay Marine Premier Reserves vs Avalon, Helston Park, 1pm

· Superloans Colts vs Avalon Colts, Alex Moore Artificial, 7.30pm (FRIDAY NIGHT)

· Superloans 85’s vs Wests 85’s, Ian Galloway Park 1, 1pm

· Superloans Cripples vs Poneke Ruffnuts, Redwood Park 1, 2.45pm

· Johnsonville Pressies vs Upper Hutt Pressies, Ian Galloway Park 4, 2.45pm.

Get along to support our teams and we hope to see you down at the club for a great day out!

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