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Johnsonville Rugby Football Club is committed to providing a safe place for both work and play. We treat our Health & Safety obligations seriously and provide our Health & Safety policy here for all to access at any time.

Our Health & Safety Policy and Procedures Manual can be reviewed and accessed at any time using the red and white PDF icon below. The document covers and includes our: 

  • Employer Commitment Policy

  • Hazard Management Policy

  • Hazard Management Procedure

  • Stress at Work Policy

  • Manual Handling Policy 

  • Accident Management Policy

  • Accident Management Procedure 

  • Rehabilitation Policy 

  • Rehabilitation Procedure

  • Emergency Management Policy 

  • Emergency Management Procedure

  • First Aid Policy 

  • Employee Information, Training and Supervision Policy 

  • Workmen on Site (Contractors/Visitors) Policy


Also included are appendices covering: 

  • AP1: Checklist for yearly manual review

  • AP2: Checklist for ACC Safe Workplace Preparation Audit

  • AP3: Incident and Accident Reporting Form/Register

  • AP4: First Aid Register

  • AP5: Hazard Register

  • AP6: Hazard Notification Form

  • AP7: Bomb Threat Checklist


Please note that this policy is a living document, and may be updated at any time without notice. ​Should you have any enquiries relating to our Health & Safety policy, please feel free to contact us

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